The Suits have hit the streets...Liberty walks alone...When the Establishment incites the peasants to revolt  

and the Reformers hang themselves from the Status Quo, the culture we knew is no longer recognizable.  

Which is Left, which is Right and for whom does it still stand? 


"The Suits: Sell (ME) Out"

"Freckle Face" stands alone in every painting she's in yet she is oblivious to her ability to steal the spotlight and doesn't suffer

from self-consciousness despite her stark and often provocative countenance. She is not a model but a participant in the heaving bottomless culture of L.A. 

Moving out of Hollywood down to the South Bay gave me a chance to examine where I came from with an outsider's vantage point.

When I think of L.A., I see tones. And hear the hum of far-reaching lines bringing them together. I see mankind imposing itself on the

background instead of separating from the foreground. I see the cosmetic chase toward immortality amongst it all. 


"Freckle Face"



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